fine furniture

A close rapport with clients, a great interest in problem solving, and rigorous selection of best quality materials, help provide the best solutions that taste and budget allow. 

Although the big challenge remains the designing and making of pieces from solid wood, and this increasingly sourced in the UK, any material that promises to stand the test of time is welcome; fitness for purpose and sound design and construction are the order of the day.


From the new workshop in Worcester, Brian continues to supply a wide range of bespoke work to a loyal client base; recent developments include a range of custom made LED 12v lighting.


You can find Brian's work in galleries and shows across the UK. Click to find out where >


brian maiden  designer / maker

In a world dominated by mass produced ’throwaway’ culture, Brian designs and makes, by hand, contemporary furniture for present and future generations to use and enjoy.

Brian's furniture is designed and hand made to the highest quality.
Click here to take a look at some of the original pieces he has made over the last few years...


'Clipper' cabinet, in solid native oak, with Ebony handles, made for a merchant navy officer living in Anglesey